Flip Book First and Second

First Flipbook Animation click it

Second Flipbook Animation click it

Rohan-Dean’s Response

    In my animation I chose to reference Otto Messmer because his style is one of the easiest to mimic and animate among the list of people that were given to choose from. His characters leave him with the ability to make each frame flow into the other with some ease. The shorts I watched for Messmer include Felix the cat comes back, Felix the cat arabiantics, Felix the cat Switches Witches, Felix the cat do it yourself monster book, and Felix the cat Felix in Egypt. In each of these shorts there’s a scene where either Felix of the man with the white mustache acts surprised of some type of event. Example can be found in Felix the cat Felix in Egypt where the bag of tricks come to life and start chasing a guy with the mustache. I got a smooth motion when my character threw the ball at the glass and he jumped in surprise at the monster behind the glass then ran in fear. I did this by using the light box method to make the lines flow. That is from frame 20-50 in my first animation. The motion of my character was less smooth here at the beginning where his body keeps changing position and his size fluctuates from start to end In all frames. I could make the motion smoother by using a scale for measurement of he character or a shape of a circle for reference to the size of the head so that it can stay the same through out the whole scene.

My character’s body was difficult to animate. It progressively got smaller as compared to the first few frames. It would be easier to animate my character if he was a simple shape or if he didn’t have any black fillings. It was hard to keep on filling in my character’s black areas. There wasn’t that much action going on in the animation so most movements are clear once you look at it for a while. To further clarify what happened in the scene I would use more frames to show one particular action taking place. To make my character look shocked I had him jump up a bit and wave his hands around. I also made his hair move from more to less then from less to more to give it an electric look of flickering. It was mildly successful in terms of expression. I can probably exaggerate the character’s face to make him look more shocked, make his eyes bigger or his pupil shrink.

I changed my character’s clothe and hair to all white so that I don’t have to put all that ink in the clothes each time. This made the character easier to animate. The motion of surprise improved on my second try at around frame 30-40.

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