Linear Day ~ Rohan


I use a uneven weight lines throughout my along with very fine even lines to give the composition formality and to unify the piece. These lines give my composition a consistent emotion of freedom. Freedom is also reinforced by the abundance of white space. White space also gives clarity to the viewer. The consistent look guides the viewers eyes along the story of my day keeping a clear sense of what is happening. I connected the lines in my composition to show continuity. I also use linear perspective to show the shape of different objects in my composition, such as the water fall.


My final work is far out of my comfort zone so I had to use any other skills I can find to make this piece as creative as possible. All my craftsmanship is close to perfect if not perfect. There is nothing distracting with my piece. This project will help me reach beyond my style and it will ultimately give my future compositions a boost in creativity in this digital media and animation program.

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