Objectified write up ~ Rohan

Creative designers solve problems in many unique and simple ways but also common and hard ways. Some of the unique ways that designers solve problems would be by not exactly referencing anything in the past and only focus on the future. Some simple ways designers solve problems is by finding a situation to solve and making something to make life more convenient. Common ways designers solve problems is by studying humans and their behavior but it is also one of the hardest ways of solve a problem because every human is different.

What I liked about the video was the way that the designers that were interviewed let us know how they went about creating a simpler way of life. The video clarified how everything in life that we see and uses was designed by either nature or man, which led me to think that everything in the world is indeed designed by nature even if it was made by man it was nature who created man so any action taken by man is a part of nature. I also enjoyed the explanation of how designers figure out how to make something for everyone by making it for the weakest of person they can think of which will make the product simpler for the average person to use.

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