Helvetica Write Up

“Grid is a tool for creating order, and creating order is typography.” Words said by Wim Crouwel. I loved this quote mainly because it was what I thought type was somewhere deep down. I liked the way society came together and created a universal tone for communicating professionally to the world. Helvetica is indeed a font that brings order and clarity to the world as we see it. This documentary influenced me to think about what the world would look like without a simple font to define daily life. I wonder if it would be wacky or hard to navigate. The possibilities are endless.

Paula Scher’s talk about the cultures of design opened my eyes to what the forms of designs meant to the corporate world. She talked about what it meant to use Helvetica in that time period. She said that if you used Helvetica you supported wars which makes no sense but let’s see where this is going. I like the fact that she found for herself what type can be. She figured out that type can also be a form of illustration and that it has its own personality.

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