Abstract Animation

I intended to use kinetic abstraction for this abstract animation. I used the motion of an urban city environment for this video.

Things such as street lights changing color, lights seen from a moving car, people rushing by, the buildings’ light turning of and on with the coming of day and night. Changing the color of the background made the scene different in tone and mood.

I focused on the light being created and reflected in the cities. The lights  are represented by different colored rectangles and circles along with lines and other various shapes. I captured the lights that I imagine is immediately in front of me so that I can focus the viewer’s eyes on the suggested shapes they create.

My concept was not what I wanted it to be entirely but it still turned out to be abstract in a way that shows the city lights like I intended. The medium I used did take away from what I wanted to illustrate in each frame. If I should change anything about this video it would be the type of medium I used.

I researched Oskar Fischinger’s Optical Poem for inspiration on how the shapes should move (2:30-2:40 showed the circles and squares shifting to the left in a flickering motion). I did try to mimic the movement on the animation but that would have taken up too much frames that would make the video harder to make.

My strongest motions where from frame 57-88 where the black background and the white dotted lines transform into different shapes.

I did use one principle of animation intentionally at frames 123-133 of the lines flapping like it were wings. I tried to show anticipation in the up and down motion of that particular section.

The colors that I used did change between different motions as well as the colors of the shapes changed based on what color the background was.

I believe a more decorated background would have taken away from what I’m trying to show you so I left a lot of negative space to focus my audience’s eyes on what needs to be seen.

My line flow was nonexistent because I was not focusing on one particular movement because I was too caught up in the design and color choices I have made.

I didn’t pick the colors at random, each color has it’s own value and meaning:

• The White background shows the clear day and a busy street with many lights flashing and changing color.

• The Dark Blue background shows the night and it’s not so black feeling because in the city there are darker things than the night sky.

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