Illuminated Name


My name means to ascend, so it’s only natural that I use celestial symbols in my composition. The soft blue and white water color background gives depth to the image and it also compliments the top and bottom border. The green and brown base of the background compliments the green and yellow parts of my border.

The process of creating this image was a long one. I researched the book of kells to get an idea of what the final product should resemble. The word “RoHan” was drawn by hand in the old english style font because I consider myself a gentleman and I believed that this font depicts that aspect of my personality quite well. I used a talisman hand in the top left corner of my image because I wanted to show what is important to me in an indirect way. The talisman is a symbol I have associated myself  with for quite some time so I used it to show that my hand is important to me, being an artist and all.

The waves and the clouds shown in the base border and top border of my image represent my love for the beach and the rain. The clouds are like ever moving containers of water so that is why I made it blue instead of the standard depiction of white. The small white dots in the waves represent salt like the salt found in the ocean.

This helped me practice my digital skills in photoshop which would help me later on in the DMA field.

I’ve gotten better at watercolor painting as you can see in the back ground. That was my first ever watercolor usage.

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