Gallery Visit ~ Cohen Gallery ~ Rohan

After my visit at the Cohen Gallery here in Alfred, New York, I found myself thinking about how art is judged and how it is appreciated by those who see it.

The images that I when to spectate belongs to the artist Mario Prisco, a very experimental man if I do say so myself. I saw that the collection of drawings of women, naked women, and thought,

“He does what he wants even though he knows this type of picture is being placed in the public’s view”

His willingness to take some risk and to shift from what is commonly accepted as art is probably what made him a well know artist.

His art alone is something to admire. Not many artists can do multiple styles or follow a particular movement. He expresses abstract art and figure drawing in this particular gallery, both had a variety of images and both types were maintained perfectly through each of their respective images. Something like this is what I dream I had the ability to do. Currently my ability to switch between different types of art is very non-existent. I only have the skill to draw something based on what I see, not so much as an idea.

Mario’s style is very simplistic and easy to look at. Not much goes on so you see what needs to be seen in each image. However, his use of colors and shapes in his Imagined Landscape series was very complex. The images still maintained a sense of what a landscape looks like to most people however its goes beyond that. His landscape images are all lined up like the panels in a comic book. Each panel has its own images and they all come together in the end to form what looks like a decent landscape in my eyes. This is a brilliant way to use photo montage and abstraction in his images and I admire this.

The untitled figure drawings on paper series that Mario made were very sexual. They were of naked women posing in different types of suggestive positions. At first glance they just looked like sketches to me but when I took a second look I realized that there was a slight bit more to each drawing. They were not exactly like what a woman should look like in proportions, they were more like a slight exaggeration of different things he may have seen on the model he used. Examples include elongated heads and fingers. This in fact opens up a new way to look at the formation of a human. Much like a caricature you might see in Times Square, it shows some features about a person in an exaggerated sense. For these the exaggerated parts doesn’t really make the woman look much better, in fact I think that the exaggerations are on parts of the body that she may see as flawed.

All thins and much more is what causes me to admire him as an artist. His willingness to go beyond a specific style’s definition to blend and bend the rules and laws of different things seen in each movement he references. Not to mention how much is art is going for in terms of price was really surprising to me at first. To think that a sketch of a slightly deformed woman can be priced at $500 gives me something to look forward to when I draw on canvas.

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