I created this with the intention of showing two principles of animation: Squash and Stretch, and Arc. I used squash and stretch in the second layer animation with the heart bouncing up and down. The flat and wide oval shape it takes shows the squash aspect of the principle. The long, skinny heart shape on the opposite end shows the stretch aspect of the animation.

The head in the outer layer shows Arc. As the head turns the arc swings down in a curve motion. To avoid a robotic straight motion I made the head tilt slightly down as it is turned back and forth.

I can see that my skill as an artist has improved. I would usually work very slowly at an assignment such as this one but I finished it faster than I thought. The drawing of the head so many times kinda made it challenging. I didn’t use any type of onion skinning to creating the animation. I eye balled the whole project with the expectation of giving it a second try. I didn’t have to though. It turned out better than I expected.

This project gave me the practice I needed with the principles of animation. It will help me in my future animation projects and I will be able to tell what a good animation should look like.


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