Yuri Norstein Research Paper

Yuri Norstein is a Russian animator who tends to focus on stop motion animation with cut outs on a multi plane device.  He is considered the best animator of his time and the best animator ever. Yuri’s animation career started out in the year 1961 in a studio after doing about two years in animation school. I chose to follow and reference this particular animator’s style because his type of animation is completely new and different than what I am used to. I did not have any prior experience working with cut out stop motion animation and the multi plane stand.

The work that I have seen for Yuri Norstein gives me a sense of mystery any time I watch one of his pieces. He uses a lot of misty and dark background in his work, not all of the time but as far as I have seen he uses it most of the time. I planned on using that element of his work in my own animation. I will go in detail about what I mean about three different sections. The three videos that I have watched and will analyze for Yuri Norstein are Hedgehog in the Fog (1975), The Overcoat(incomplete), and Seasons. I will discus the elements and the principles of design I plan to mimic and sample from in my own animation.

The Hedgehog in the Fog is one of Yuri Norstein’s most popular animation made in the prime of his animation career. This animation has very smooth and clean motion which tends to be hard to achieve in stop motion animation. The techniques he used in this film includes the multi plane stage as well as a cut outs for the characters. He uses a limited color palette for this film. He used mostly dark greens, light blues for the background. He uses whites for the fog that is present in most of the film and he uses an almost black gray yellow for the main character. All of his color choices are unsaturated and he uses them to give a sense of depth in his film. Things that are further back tend to lighter and closer to white. The closer an object is the darker it is.

screen-shot-2015-05-07-at-1-23-03-pm-e1431027657874 screen-shot-2015-05-07-at-1-25-37-pm-e1431027527819


The Overcoat, much like The Hedgehog in the Fog, has a very limited set of color to work with. The incomplete animation by Yuri is more or less black and white. It does contain a consistent and smooth movement. The movement is almost real to the point where I almost thought it was 3D animation for a moment.


I plan to mimic that style of animation to give my video as close to real or as real as I can get.


Seasons was a film that Yuri worked on during his career. It contained more three dimensional puppets and three dimensional objects in the foreground and background . I plan on utilizing this multi-ground aspect in my animation. I want to put a background and foreground that makes the stage look almost three dimensional.



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