img_20170215_145352 click it for larger image

img_20170215_145355 click it for larger image

Structure wise, I went for a very realistic proportion. The arms are slightly longer than an actual person but that was for the sake of movement. While making the marionette I didn’t really think about what it will represent but as it progressed I found it becoming more like some type of Jester or clown with goat legs.

I go for the clown look, the colors I used works in my favor. The modular design comes from my use of a number of parallelograms. The colors are complimentary. I chose these with the intention of implementing A type of principle or element of design in my marionette.

Modular design made it possible for me to create the puppet in a whole. I used the shapes to create a box then used the same shapes to create arms and legs.

The creative process was very frustrating because personally I don’t like working with this type of art. It’s far too fragile and it doesn’t allow me to have creative freedom as I would hope. It limited me to paper when I wanted to use wire and other things I found.

The characters body is more 3D than the limbs which makes the project to me look silly. It got the Job done and it made the right movements where I wanted it to so in the end the differences in the shapes worked out for the best.

I didn’t use any pattern in it’s creation because it demanded more fine motor skills than I have so I avoided messing up the progress I had made at the time. If I have messed with the character It would have fell apart multiple times.

There is balance in the character in it’s shape and construction based on the even sides and shapes used on both sides of the puppet. the proportion was close to human and it may be beyond human, humanoid at best.

img_20170301_132319 img_20170301_132327 img_20170301_132351 img_20170301_132430

These are my initial designs for the puppet, Click image for enlarged version.


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