Character Canon

Sasha Payne Canon

Rohan-Dean Thomas

Sasha Payne is seven heads tall. Her shoulders and bust are 1.5 heads wide. Her biceps are one head long. Her forearm is one head long. Her face starts from her hairline to her chin and is ¾ of a head. Her hands are one face long. Her neck is one head long. Her legs are 4 heads long, knee to sole is 2 heads long. Her crotch to knee is two heads long. The width of her head is half of the length of the head. Her waist is half a head wide and her hips are 1.5 heads wide. She is muscular and slim built. Her feet from toe to heel is one face long.

She has black hair with red tint and highlights. She is Caucasian and her age is 23. Her eyes are in the middle of her face. She has red irises. Each eye is ¼ head wide. Her mouth is ¼ head wide. Her hair is in a bob cut with a part in her hair to the left side of the top of her head. She had two locks of hair coming from the part in her hair at the front of her face and ending by her ears. She has pink lips and refrains from using make up. She has light pink skin by the bags of her eyes. She wears a circle dog tag with a clock inscription on it. She has a bandage on her left wrist.

She wears a dark gray tank top tucked into her pants. Her pants are military green cargo pants with ammunition pouches by the mid-thigh on her left leg. On the other leg in the same location she has a knife case attached to her pants. She wears Dark gray timberland high top boots with smoke gray heels and a strip of smoke gray by the top rim part of the boot. She wears a black belt with a copper belt buckle. Her pants are up by her waist past her hip which shows of the curves in her butt. By the knee down, the pants are mildly baggy and wrinkled. She wears small thick golden loop earrings which are slightly hidden by her hair.

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