Sasha Payne ~ Character Design

This was a very fun project an I had the time of my life making my character. I started out with sketches of a character I already had in mind. She had to be strong but gentle, intimidating but beautiful. She had to have unique hair and eyes so I made them red. He outfit was supposed to be something relating to the principles an elements of design so I made her pants big and green to complement her hair. She’s a very mysterious character so I made some of her clothes black and grey. The dog tag she wears around her neck is supposed to represent her power to slow time for her alone.

I can see my growth as an artist in terms of proportions when it come down to drawing humans. I learned a lot about how someone looks in the round rather than relief.

I studied on how to draw mouths to help me with the facial expressions.

This project is preparing me for 3D design. I will have to use this skill in my digital program to create realistic characters and objects.

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