Samson’s Subjugation: Object Final

Samson’s Subjugation Artist statement

The colors that were used in the composition of the sculpture of Samson are supposed to show a dark time in his life, just before he dies while pushing down the columns of the Philistines’ colosseum. The black and red background represents Samson’s blindness and bleeding eyes. The white columns represent Samson’s final goal, destroying the columns the holds up the roof of his enemies. Samson’s hair is dark brown/black and is wildly rising in the air to show his Godly strength and his will to destroy his enemies.

While creating this lamp I chose to do a historical event because it allows me to depict a specific scene in clay. It was a learning experience because it’s my first time using clay. I think that I achieved my goal in my sculpting. The lampshade is also a learning experience for me and I did very good on it as well. It shows a galaxy mixed with my most recent drawing.

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