Self Critique

When the semester began I didn’t know anything about 3D animation but I quickly grasp the concept and managed to create some good work with Maya. Initially my control with timing and follow through was below desirable but I eventually learned how to correct minor detail such and a twitch or a flicker. What I struggled with most was the program itself. It was hard to learn how to be efficient in Maya but eventually I’ll master it. What I also want to master is complex actions that can show the difference someone’s emotions and personality with dynamic movements as seen in sakuga animation in 2D art.

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Lift Push Pull

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Hello Humans (production class video)


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Peer Critique

Rohan-Dean Thomas

Peer Critique

3D Animation


After watching and analyzing Mickel William’s walk cycle animation I’ve noticed that his walk lacked some squash and stretch in the neck movement. The animation’s head wasn’t moved by much either so the movement looks a little robotic. I think that if there was more exaggeration in the arm and leg movements the animation would be smoother. The shoulders of the character could be swung a little bit more to give the animation more. The arc of the arm is good, it constantly moves and doesn’t stay in place at all. The timing of the strides could be smoother however. If he had put more space between the frames the animation might have been a bit more natural.

Overall, the animation is good but there could have more attention to detail when working on the arc at the arm and the timing of each stride. What I would keep is the torso turn and the subtle quash and stretch.

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Katie Waugh

Rohan-Dean Thomas

Prof. Vavrick

Gallery Write Up


Katie Waugh

After visiting the gallery here on campus and researching the artist on the internet, I have an opinion on her art work. Based on what I see, Waugh uses a lot of repetition and desaturation in her pieces with nature inspired textures. A variety of pictures are seen with this design aspect and it conveys a feeling of everlasting contemplation of what she is looking at, by having the object be infinite in its presentation denies me the satisfaction of seeing what lies beyond the photo. Her works control your perspective and focuses you on the detail and quality of the image. Having geometric lines with a natural setting is contrast in a subtle sense. By the laws of nature these elements are separate but Waugh decided to merge the who opposites and create a realm of agoraphobia but also at the same time create a sense of emptiness.

The colors being used are mostly analogous and desaturated. The usage of dim colors gives me an emotion of waiting for things to get brighter. Akatsuki, the dawn, waiting for the arrival of a brighter day. The arrival of a new day. There are tiny hints of bright colors throughout her art and it acts as the hook to have you look forward to the brighter things that are to come.

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Walking thing

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Bouncing Balls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thomas_RohanDean_Ball from ROHAN-DEAN THOMAS on Vimeo.

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