Izanagi and Izanami: The Separation of Hell and Earth

The reason I used this much shading and dark areas in the right side of the page was to bring the readers attention to where the story begins. There was a lot of time spent in the detailing for the characters and scenery. A traditional Edo Japanese art style with a mixture of modern Japanese manga style were used, reason being that The story I am depicting is based in Japanese Shinto culture. The background’s brown papyrus texture was used to help bring out an authentic ‘Japanese work of art’ vibe and I believe that I have done a good job at achieving this.

A high uses of foreshortening and perspective shift helped me depict the action I intended on creating. I tried to avoid a uniformity to give the illusion of movement in my characters. My character’s design were based on my prior knowledge of what Edo Japanese style clothing. I looked into what demons look like in Japan and I decided to give Izanami a horn and pale skin. Considering that she’s dead she lacked lacked blood and I gave her blood thirsty eyes to push an idea of hostility.

Izanagi’s design was based on casual Edo Japan fashion. His hairstyle and wooden shoes were common among the people of Japan in this time period. I went a little further with his hair to give him a common trope seen in modern manga of stylized hair and very sharp eyes. His eyebrows and facial hair are meant to show some type of masculinity and strength, emphasizing this with the wrinkles present in his forehead.

This project is relevant to the program because it encourages me to think about how to plan, research and draft out a plan in order to create something worthy of presentation. I see this skill helping me in DMA and in the work world for the next few years.


Izanagi and Izanami

The gods of the sun, moon, and ocean ruled the natural world of the ancient Japanese people. Legend said that these deities were descended from a sea of darkness, a shapeless mud that formed the world at the beginning of time. Out of this cheerless chaos came the kami, or divine beings.

One devoted kami couple became the parents of Amaterasu and her brothers. They were called Izanagi (the male who invites) and Izanami (the female who invites). According to one myth, other kami gave the couple a jeweled spear with which to create the earth. Standing together on the Floating Bridge of Heaven, Izanagi and Izanami plunged the spear into the formless waters and vigorously stirred them. When they pulled the spear up, some drops fell from its point back into the sea. Those drops formed the Japanese islands. The land was beautiful, filled with mountains, rivers, trees, fruits, and herbs, each possessing its own unique spirit. They then gave birth to Amaterasu to rule the new land and give it life.

According to Shinto beliefs, life and death are not far apart. The latter is a painful reality, even for the kami. To their sorrow, Izanagi and Izanami discovered death. Yet, they redeemed themselves by finding a way to overcome it.

Izanami, in her role of life-giver, gave birth to many other kami, including fire. While fire was beneficial, it also proved fatal to Izanami, who was burned by it and died. She tried to conceal her death from her mate by hiding underground, in the world between light and darkness. In his anguish, Izanagi followed her to the underworld and soon discovered the awful truth. Nothing remained of his beloved Izanami but a rotting corpse.


Furious at his discovery, Izanagi fled back across the barrier between the two worlds. When Izanami realized that Izanagi had discovered her secret and left her behind, she promised that she would kill a thousand people every day for his leaving her. In response, Izanagi vowed that he would give birth to one thousand five hundred new people every day!

The story of Izanagi and Izanami explores the fear humans have of the nothingness of death. As they were torn apart by forces beyond their control, their separation and struggle explained the earthly cycle of birth and death. The myth also introduces the idea that death has the power to pollute the living. On his return to the land of light, Izanagi saw that his body had been soiled during his journey in the underworld. To cleanse himself of the impurities that clung to him, he bathed in the ocean.


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Georgia O’Keeffe Skeletal Portrait

Here I used a photo of Georgia O’Keeffe, taken by Alfred Stieglitz, to illustrate the human skeletal system, specifically the hands and skull.

My primary goal was to capture the skeletal figure in her hands and head. I kept the image achromatic to resemble an X-ray image. My initial approach on how I was going to shade the image was to fill in all of the dark areas with a solid black color and work off her skin as a form of negative space. I spent most of my time on the bones and the shading of the bones to make them look real. I think that I have accomplished my goal for realism here and I feel that I have better control over my medium when I draw. I think this will make my future art work in the DMA major more controlled and thought out.

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3D Room

In creating this room I had to learn how to use Maya and how to use polygons. The room I made is supposed to represent an art nouveau style. I made the sky a galaxy because the room is supposed t be an observatory. The time is night because it would be hard to see stars at night. I sues wood in the walls and the molding because it compliments the style I worked with. I populated my wall with pictures of my drawing to fill in the empty space present in this section of the room.

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Reflection Self Portrait

The image uses shading as a way to show movement and motion. The darker shades are either used to show things that are farther away or that is intentionally made to draw your attention. The components of the image includes:

My reflection in a window, what is behind me in the reflection, what is in front of me in the reflection and what it is that I am currently thinking about.

My reflection can be seen clearly in the center of the image. I use the shading to direct the flow of the viewer’s eyes.

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3D Room

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Character Canon

Sasha Payne Canon

Rohan-Dean Thomas

Sasha Payne is seven heads tall. Her shoulders and bust are 1.5 heads wide. Her biceps are one head long. Her forearm is one head long. Her face starts from her hairline to her chin and is ¾ of a head. Her hands are one face long. Her neck is one head long. Her legs are 4 heads long, knee to sole is 2 heads long. Her crotch to knee is two heads long. The width of her head is half of the length of the head. Her waist is half a head wide and her hips are 1.5 heads wide. She is muscular and slim built. Her feet from toe to heel is one face long.

She has black hair with red tint and highlights. She is Caucasian and her age is 23. Her eyes are in the middle of her face. She has red irises. Each eye is ¼ head wide. Her mouth is ¼ head wide. Her hair is in a bob cut with a part in her hair to the left side of the top of her head. She had two locks of hair coming from the part in her hair at the front of her face and ending by her ears. She has pink lips and refrains from using make up. She has light pink skin by the bags of her eyes. She wears a circle dog tag with a clock inscription on it. She has a bandage on her left wrist.

She wears a dark gray tank top tucked into her pants. Her pants are military green cargo pants with ammunition pouches by the mid-thigh on her left leg. On the other leg in the same location she has a knife case attached to her pants. She wears Dark gray timberland high top boots with smoke gray heels and a strip of smoke gray by the top rim part of the boot. She wears a black belt with a copper belt buckle. Her pants are up by her waist past her hip which shows of the curves in her butt. By the knee down, the pants are mildly baggy and wrinkled. She wears small thick golden loop earrings which are slightly hidden by her hair.

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Sasha’s Backstory

Sasha’s Backstory

by ~ Rohan-Dean Thomas

The year is 2067 and the world is now one nation. A new world order was made and the borders of all countries were lifted. The world has one government, one currency and one language. A small number of humans has evolved into super humans and are being oppressed by the World’s Government.

Born last of two children to a scientist named Lucifer Payne and his wife Sandy Payne, Sasha Payne was raised to be a revolutionary scientist. She was home schooled with her older sister Sarah Payne. Sarah was the smarter of the two and she was more skilled which caused their parents to pay the older sister more attention. Sasha started to rebel to draw the attention of her parents but that only got her in trouble. She was eight years old at the time and they lived in Flatbush Brooklyn.

Sasha’s Father, Lucifer, worked for the WOREX (World Executive) as a researcher of genetic traits found in super humans. Lucifer and his co-workers keep people captive to experiment on. One day he made a breakthrough in creating a new gene that gives the carrier the ability to regulate adrenaline secretion at will at an almost limitless amount. This ability causes a person to perceive time slower than the normal person, almost to a crawl, the power to transcend time. He decided to hide this discovery from his superior and co-workers so that he can further work on this experiment. He manages to take all the information regarding the experiment and stash it in his personal home laboratory. At his work place he marked the experiment as failed and no one questioned his judgement.

Lucifer lacked test subjects to perfect his experiment on so he decided to use his own family. Sasha, Sandy and Sarah were all used as his test subjects at their own free will. He even used himself as a test subject. Fortunately, the experiments were successful but the bad part is that the World Government knew about the whole thing all along. They were waiting for the experiment to be a success before repossessing the genetic experiments.

WOREX sent a small army to capture one of the four and murder the rest. Lucifer tried to prevent this by playing as a decoy while allowing his wife and children to escape. With his new-found powers, he managed to ward off most of the soldiers before being shot by a sniper from across the street. Before he died he managed to burn all the documents concerning his experiments.

While trying to escape Sandy was intersected by 3 soldiers. She tries to ward them off by using her new power but was unsuccessful because she was also shot by the same sniper. That sniper was about to shoot one of the two sisters but chose not to and let them escape because he was restricted by his moral.

Sasha and Sarah had no family members they could call on because Sandy’s family disowned her at a young age and Lucifer was an orphan. The sisters were forced to live in the abandoned subway of New York City with the risk of being raped or killed very high. There were so many homeless and dying people down there that is smells of rotting corpses and accumulating human feces. The managed to survive by eating food out of restaurant’s garbage all over the city. They lived like this for two year. During that time, the both awakened their ability to slow down time and the used this to their advantage but pickpocketing pedestrians. The happened to pick the pocket of WOREX Agent and they were caught by him in a short amount of time. He offered to get them off the streets if they joined the WOREX ARMY. There was a program that was made to take homeless children off the street and turn them into soldiers to reduce the homelessness rate that plagued the world.

The sister’s agreed unknowing of the fact that this particular person was the same person who shot their parents. The went to military school for seven years where they both graduated at top of their class. They soon became officials in the military and were given high ranking positions to be kept under surveillance by the WOREX. Sasha happened to be place in the ICU (Information Consolidation Unit) where she has access most of the government’s classified information. She found out that the WOREX is responsible for her parents’ death. She attempted to ally with her sister in over throwing the government by Sarah, thinking rationally, decided that it’s best if they both left that in the past because it would destroy the life they worked hard to stabilize.

Sasha then decided to go out and find other people willing to help her destroy the worlds tyrannical WOREX.

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