DragonFly Game Documentation

The set up of the game is meant to resemble a pond with grass, an area where dragon flies are known to live and feed. Continue reading

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Juice Advert

I modeled this image to be simple and stylish. I had a young adult audience in mind when creating this piece. I used japanese and english for a vaporwave aesthetic, a somewhat popular yet unexplored subgenre of art. The colors used were meant to show soothing and shocking at the same time. The bubbles used are a way for me to symbolize grapes and liquid at the same time.

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Cyber Punk Boi

This is the first time I’ve put this much effort into making something in 3D.

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Visual Instruments: Mesmerised

Initially when coming up with ideas for the visual effect I wanted to make I was stuck on ideas because I personally don’t work in abstraction. I did some research and found a few tutorials showing me how to use the program. I’d say that most the time i was given to work on the project was used to look at tutorials on how to use MAX. Once I found out what I wanted to do I made a particle mesh that allows particles to follow my cursor around a screen. I had two values, one for attracting the particles to the mouse and another repelling from the center of the screen. This caused some cool effects. I went on to add a sound sensitive bar the jumps with the beat of a song. I added it to the code and had it be displayed on the screen along with the particles. I used a song called ‘MESMERISED’ by Scenic as my audio for this performance. Below is an example of what the final piece.


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Dragonfly Game Pre-production

Dragonfly Game Pre-production:

I was tasked with making some concept art for the Group project for a interactive experience about dragonflies. I made basic designs for a side scroll game with a dragonfly as the player. The game will be in a simplistic style with a moderate amount of animation and some effects. The majority of the animation will be focused on the player character. We plan to have multiple color palettes for the player character to choose from. Continue reading

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Still Life: Stacked

Using objects scattered around my messy room I made a compilation for all the things I use on a daily basis. My computer being the foremost item, is something I use for more than 50% of the time when I’m awake. But nothing is higher on the list than music, represented by my headphones. Music is a big part of my daily life and I can always be seen caring my headphones in some way or form. The cans on the side illustrates my guilty pleasure. I usually drink fruit juice but on occasion I drink too much mountain dew. The afro pick on the computer is the practically one of my key accessories. I have an afro and I usually pick my hair to scratch it. The book on the right is something I usually bring with me wherever I go. It helps for taking note, if I do, or if I want to draw something to kill time. The printer on the bottom is something I liberated from the trash because someone threw it out. It’s something I wanted for a long time and now I finally have it. I use it to improve my art significantly.

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Game Feel Design Studio:ASStro

ASStro, a 2.5D platformer, developed by:

I personally was responsible for making the enemy animation, the fire wall animation, the start screen and some concept art. I’ve also modeled some of the platforms for the level as well as concept for the final goal.


Continue reading

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