Peer Critique

Rohan-Dean Thomas

Peer Critique

3D Animation


After watching and analyzing Mickel William’s walk cycle animation I’ve noticed that his walk lacked some squash and stretch in the neck movement. The animation’s head wasn’t moved by much either so the movement looks a little robotic. I think that if there was more exaggeration in the arm and leg movements the animation would be smoother. The shoulders of the character could be swung a little bit more to give the animation more. The arc of the arm is good, it constantly moves and doesn’t stay in place at all. The timing of the strides could be smoother however. If he had put more space between the frames the animation might have been a bit more natural.

Overall, the animation is good but there could have more attention to detail when working on the arc at the arm and the timing of each stride. What I would keep is the torso turn and the subtle quash and stretch.

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Katie Waugh

Rohan-Dean Thomas

Prof. Vavrick

Gallery Write Up


Katie Waugh

After visiting the gallery here on campus and researching the artist on the internet, I have an opinion on her art work. Based on what I see, Waugh uses a lot of repetition and desaturation in her pieces with nature inspired textures. A variety of pictures are seen with this design aspect and it conveys a feeling of everlasting contemplation of what she is looking at, by having the object be infinite in its presentation denies me the satisfaction of seeing what lies beyond the photo. Her works control your perspective and focuses you on the detail and quality of the image. Having geometric lines with a natural setting is contrast in a subtle sense. By the laws of nature these elements are separate but Waugh decided to merge the who opposites and create a realm of agoraphobia but also at the same time create a sense of emptiness.

The colors being used are mostly analogous and desaturated. The usage of dim colors gives me an emotion of waiting for things to get brighter. Akatsuki, the dawn, waiting for the arrival of a brighter day. The arrival of a new day. There are tiny hints of bright colors throughout her art and it acts as the hook to have you look forward to the brighter things that are to come.

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Walking thing

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Bouncing Balls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thomas_RohanDean_Ball from ROHAN-DEAN THOMAS on Vimeo.

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3D Character

<p><a href=”″>Rohan-Dean Thomas’ Character</a> from <a href=”″>ROHAN-DEAN THOMAS</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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Self Portrait Final Project

By making my hand a face the most prominent part of the image I wanted to show the importance of my had and my eyes. I wanted to highlight this because it’s what gives me the ability to draw well. The colors I used for the glasses were based on my actual glasses that are branded on my logo. The tattoos on my hand are supposed to represent my spirituality and my interest in Buddhist and Hindu culture. The reason I did the majority of the image in black and white is because I wanted to test my skill in using this medium for my art. I believe that I did a very good job in capturing my likeness on the canvas. I think this will help me in focusing on detail in future classes in the DMA Program.

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Samson’s Subjugation: Object Final

Samson’s Subjugation Artist statement

The colors that were used in the composition of the sculpture of Samson are supposed to show a dark time in his life, just before he dies while pushing down the columns of the Philistines’ colosseum. The black and red background represents Samson’s blindness and bleeding eyes. The white columns represent Samson’s final goal, destroying the columns the holds up the roof of his enemies. Samson’s hair is dark brown/black and is wildly rising in the air to show his Godly strength and his will to destroy his enemies.

While creating this lamp I chose to do a historical event because it allows me to depict a specific scene in clay. It was a learning experience because it’s my first time using clay. I think that I achieved my goal in my sculpting. The lampshade is also a learning experience for me and I did very good on it as well. It shows a galaxy mixed with my most recent drawing.

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